Keeping Each Other Safe

The congregations in Valhalla Parish have returned to in-person worship. As we do so, we seek to keep ourselves and each other safe whenever gathering in person. As members of the Body of Christ, Jesus invites us to love our neighbours as ourselves, seeking the well-being and thriving of all who we encounter.

With this in mind, Valhalla Parish is taking the following precautions as a way of caring for the most vulnerable in our community—those who are immunocompromised, those unable to be vaccinated, and those in high-risk groups. 

  • Self-Screening: If you are feeling at all unwell, are symptomatic, or have been recently exposed to someone with COVID-19, please stay home (but feel free to reach out for pastoral and practical care!)
  • Masks: must be worn at all times by members of the congregation. If you forget yours, we have spares you can take
  • Readers and those leading worship are permitted to remove masks during their speaking parts when maintaining a 3m distance
  • Passing the Peace: We continue to pass the peace without any physical contact
  • Communion continues to be in one kind only, with communicants receiving the consecrated bread
  • Physical Distancing remains highly recommended. In worship, people should seek to maintain distance from others not in their family / bubble

- Last Edited March 2022

Important Documents

As a way of contributing to the safety of the public, parishioners and staff, the Valhalla Parish Council has adopted a number of practices and policies to maintain safety. These documents are posted below.