The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund has been connecting Anglicans in Canada to people in need since 1958. It is named for the Primate, the head of the Anglican Church in Canada. 

In Valhalla Parish, we often collect money and host fundraisers to support projects with our international partners in places throughout the world. 


Lent Project
Buy the Whole Farm

At Parish Council in January 2021, the Council recommended that we adopt the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund “Buy the Whole Farm” project to focus our charitable giving during Lent.

This project will help communities in 5 different countries improve food security and become more resilient in the face of our changing climate. 

Fundraising Goal: $570.00 

You can give using your envelopes, by dropping a cheque at the church with "PWRDF Lent" in the Memo, or by using the button below and selecting PWRDF Lent Campaign