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Jesus tells us that the Kingdom of God is like a mustard seed. 
But what if God’s Kingdom is also like a strawberry?

A feast of goodness and delight. 
A feast of justice and community. 
A feast that keeps growing with each passing year? 

At St. David’s in Valhalla Parish, we planted a community garden last year. And we’ve devoted an entire bed to strawberries. So that passers-by and parishioners can taste and see what God is like. 

These past few years it has felt like we have been carrying a great weight, as the world changes around us. As the pandemic continues to take lives, continues to interrupt community life, continues to cause us to wonder what life will be when we make it to the other side. 

And yet each summer, with a shock of colour and burst of flavour, we are reminded of God’s faithfulness. Of a love that will not let us go. 

Each summer we are reminded of God’s call 

To share the fruits of Creation
The fruits of our faith.
The fruit of the Spirit.

To proclaim the goodness of the Lord in this time and place