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Dear Friends in Valhalla Parish—

Last Sunday after our celebration of Holy Eucharist at St. David’s, we gathered together to reflect on the following question: 

Thinking about our parish’s ministry throughout this time of pandemic, how well have we adapted to these changing circumstances? 

Those who were present responded to three prompts: 

  1. What have you liked about how we’ve adapted? 
  2. What concerns do you have about the way we’ve adapted?
  3. What (concrete) wishes or hopes do you have as we move forward together?

As I said on Sunday, I believe that whenever we do an exercise like this—whenever we gather feedback and insight in the congregation—it is important to share it back with the wider groups so that we can interpret these things together. On Sunday, I promised to share with the broader parish community sometime this week. You can read more below.   

Over the coming weeks, we’ll have an opportunity to interpret this information together. It’s all a part of developing our renewed sense of mission and ministry as we bravely step into God’s future. 

These days, the future can feel hazy. And yet, by the light of our faith in Jesus, we have been called to participate in God’s dream for this world by the power of God's Holy Spirit.

Whatever comes our way, I believe that God is calling us to adapt to the changing needs in the world around us. At a very foundational level, God calls us to love our neighbours from the wellspring our own deep gladness and in response to their deep needs. At a very basic and foundational level, such discernment is grounded in our collective listening for where Holy Spirit might be leading.

I trust, and I pray you trust too, that Holy Spirit is at work with and amongst us even—perhaps especially—in the midst of the uncertainty of this time.

After you read through the responses below, I’d love to hear how these things resonate with you. Whether you call St. David’s or St. Stephen’s home, we are all a part of the larger Valhalla Parish family, and for that I am grateful. Send me a note, leave a message, or come chat when we next see each other. 

And so, without any further commentary, here is what we heard at St. David’s on Sunday:


  • When people called me as a part of the phone tree
  • Keeping the thrift shop open in difficult times
    • Good for social interaction and an important ministry to the community
  • Tuesday online coffee hour—a great place to connect even in isolation
  • Wednesday (noon) and Thursday (1pm) online services
  • In-Person Services
  • Being in the church again!
  • Ability to connect with worship services in other parishes. (Nelson, St. Michael’s Cathedral, etc.)


  • Uneasiness about the future of our congregation. I don’t know what we can do as a congregation to help the situation. 
  • How are we doing financially?
  • What is the Archbishop’s / what is our parish’s concrete plan to keep ministry going here? 
  • How can we reconnect with people we haven’t seen in awhile? 
  • Are people we haven’t heard from doing well? Are they still healthy?


  • At least monthly Eucharist
  • Update the parish on our financial situation in September. 
  • Could we explore a return to the 8am service?
  • The piano was too loud. through the speakers today!
  • Resuming coffee hour
  • More celebrations (St. David’s day dinner, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.)

Please do send me a note and let me know how these resonate. What would you add, from your vantage point?